Tim & Chris coming last in Little Haven Regatta 2005

Chris and Tim are both the wrong side of 50, and have surfed in cold British waters for too many years so maybe it's all that salt water that's affected their judgment.

Tim has all the mechanical skills of a camel and the last time Chris "are we really giving the truck away?" worked with a spanner it was servicing an RAF Hunter jet!

It was mainly the attraction of surfing perfect waves off the West African coast that got them interested in the challenge (yes, surfboards are going!), but if they'll still be speaking to each other after three weeks waits to be seen, seeing as they can't even agree on the route to the Channel! At least having the truck to play with has kept Chris happy for the last couple of months.

Besides surfing (and their years) Chris and Tim are active sea rowers... click here to see a picture of them in the beautiful boat 'Myfanwy' belonging to Little Haven Rowing Club, competing in the Great River Race in London in September 2006, and coming a credible 17th out of 274 boats.

Chris about to get 'barreled' at 'Lance's Left', Indonesia

Tim at 'Chickens', North Male Atoll, The Maldives