As well as raising money for the various Gambian charities Tim and Chris are raising money for Cancer Research Cymru - so if they haven't got money off you yet be prepared to give!

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The Challenge is intended to benefit Registered Charities in The Gambia. Vehicles and equipment are received by the Control Committee in Banjul, and auctioned off.
The money raised is pooled for distribution by the Grants allocation sub committee.

The Plymouth-Banjul Challenge 2006
Auction results

PBC06: Auction 1: GMD 644,000 (£ 12,634)
PBC06: Auction 2: GMD 1,272,500 (£ 25,043)
PBC06: Auction 3: GMD 1,092,000 (£ 21,491)
PBC06: Auction 4: GMD 1,057,000 (£ 20,802)
PBC06: Auction 5: GMD 682,000 (£ 13,422)
PBC06: Auction 6: GMD 814,000 (£ 16,020)
PBC06: Auction 7: GMD 986,000 (£ 19,404)
PBC06: Auction 8: GMD 348,000 (£ 11,296)
PDC06 Total Raised to date: GMD 6,895,500 (£138,703)

This is a picture of some village women who have been given a week’s training course in tie dye and batik making as a result of the PDC funding that went to the Association of Tie Dye and Batik Producers. The Association is relatively new and has really been strengthened enormously by the funding. The women who are mainly from rural areas have been producing some great stuff and now have some new skills that will help to supplement their incomes in addition to the back breaking work in their garden

For more information on the charities supported and the work done in the Gambia check out the official Challenge site

Tim and Chris are also hoping to take a quantity of second-hand surfboards to donate/auction at the end of the trip... anyone with an old board (no matter how beat-up) at the back of the garage they'd like to donate please get in touch!