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The Challenge is to drive over 3,700 miles from Plymouth to Banjul in the Gambia (in a Left Hand Drive car costing no more than £100!) passing through France, Spain, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal and finally arriving in the Gambia where the car is auctioned to raise money for charitable causes in The Gambia, West Africa.

After the success of the inaugural event in 2003, the interest in The Challenge has grown so enormously that entries are now strictly limited to 200 teams, with 50 teams of all nationalities departing on 4 separate dates.

The fifth Challenge, PBC07, is now gathering pace and three groups will leave the UK in December 2006, with a fourth group leaving in February 2007.

The Silver Surfers, Chris Payne and Tim Harvatt from Pembrokeshire, Wales will be leaving as part of Group 2, in their trusty and rusty, fifteen year old, (one careful owner), Isuzu Trooper on Boxing Day 2006 arriving in the Gambia hopefully three weeks later!

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The Rules:

1. Competing cars must cost less than £100.

2. Maximum budget for the vehicle Rally Preparation: £15

3. Once the Rally is underway, there will be no form of formal assistance from the organisers in any way - Teams are ON THEIR OWN.

4. All of vehicles that make the full distance to Banjul must be handed over to the Challenge Control Group to be auctioned under controlled conditions (reported to The Gambian Government) in aid of local Gambian Charities.

5. All vehicles must be LEFT-HAND DRIVE!
The above rule is necessary because The Gambia is a left-hand-drive country. RHD vehicles are not really welcome in The Gambia. The enormous popularity of this event has meant that we have had to introduce this ruling in order to ensure that the Challenge continues to receive the warm welcome extended by the Government and People of The Gambia. RHD cars may not be permitted entry to The Gambia or may be subject to import duties and disposal charges.

"Rules are made to be broken..."  - Julian Nowill (Organiser) "Except Rules 4 and 5"

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Things we need for the trip: 2 caravan mattresses, 3 jerry cans, car spotlights, camping stove (not gas), tow rope, first aid kit, old mobile phones (bribes at borders!), large quantity of ball point pens (to hand out to children), 12 volt fan, old surfboards (see the charity page), all of these will be auctioned off at the end of the trip - if you think you can help please email us.

Click here to see a short video clip of the 2004 rally

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